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Avon Moldplast Ltd. was established in year 2002 at Ghaziabad U.P. India, to manufacture quality plastic molded furniture in the brand name of AVON, catering to the wide strata of consumers and since then has continuously progressed to meet the growing needs and challenges by catering with newer designs, models, colors and range etc.

Molded Plastic Chair

Sitting for long periods without straining your body can now be possible by choosing a right molded plastic chair from our wide range of designs that offers adequate support to your body.

Molded Plastic Tables

Come and gather at our stylish collection of molded plastic tables for family, feed & friends. If you are looking for an authentic, light weight, easily movable, yet trendy table then you will be amazed to find out that our designs fulfill all your requirements well.

Stylish Plastic Stools

Do you need some kind of product at your home or at your workplace to climb high? If yes, then you should definitely be acquainted with this must have product which is an amazing creation of stool that doubles as a step stool.

Baby Chair & Baby Desk

Butt in chair and hands clapping, kids rocked and rocked and forget weeping. It has now become possible as you can present young champs with a cute & perfect combination of plastic molded baby chair and baby desk available in solid yet refreshing colors of orange, red, green and yellow with their favorite cartoons embossed in it.

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