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Avon Chairs Made In India, Made For India

Avon Chairs Made In India, Made For India

Plastic Mold furniture is one of the many modern products that we use in everyday life that are commonly used but we give little thought to its existence. The truth is that designing and manufacturing of plastic mold furniture takes a lot of knowledge and research. While the chairs, tables, stools, etc. are lightweight, they also need to be durable and sturdy since the usage is dynamic.


The team of designers and engineers at Avon Moldplast Ltd. has identified this requirement. There are more than 20 designs to choose from which are completely different from each other. While the difference may not come across very easily at first glance, a deeper study into the design of the chairs makes us realize the difference and importance of the small nitty-gritty of plastic mold.


Several models like 1101 and 1103 are slim and don’t take up much space. The pattern at backrest is ergonomically suitable for person to sit on the chair for longer durations. Extra ribs on the legs of the chair lend more strength while not making the chair look bulky. Further to enhance the look of the chair, chair comes with matt texture and has glow on seat with flower texture.









Other models like 5555 and 9955 are larger in size and are preferred by middle-aged and elderly people. Needless to say, there is extra strength in the legs for more safety. The chairs are extremely sturdy and are able to bear a lot of weight without the shape being deformed.





Jaguar and some similar models are more suitable to be kept on sit-outs on which people can sit and read morning newspaper or enjoy their evening tea with loved ones. Seating comfort is primary in these models as these are normally placed where relaxation is the key.





Some models like Oxford and 6022 have a texture lending an attractive design to the chair. The curve and height of the chairs are just perfect for any person, whether used for leisure or work. These chairs also stand out when they are placed in your home.


It is true that very simple products have a lot of science and research backing their features and usability. One must always carefully enquire the vendor/shopkeeper about the chairs before they choose which one they want to go for. The right chair goes a long way in keeping your body fit and healthy!



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