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Make your outdoors brim with life

Make your outdoors brim with life

Winter is in full swing. It’s time to move outdoors and enjoy the sunshine during the daytime. With temperature falling down, it’s all the more enjoyable to spend time in the open air, eat and drink in the sun, and simply enjoy the outdoors, whether it be in your balcony or lawn.

How, though, to make the most of our outdoor space when the weather can change in the blink of an eye? Here are some tips to choose the right outdoor furniture and make the best of it.


The weather is unpredictable but that shouldn’t stop us to create a stylish outdoor of our own where we can enjoy the intermittent sunshine. It just means we have to be slightly smarter in our choices.

For starters, consider investing in a design that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Avon has a number of beautiful mold plast chairs that can be used around a modern dining table as well as the garden table. This is especially useful if you don’t have the luxury of ample storage space for your outdoor furniture during the wet and windy winter months

Avon Jaguar chair has been stylishly designed to match your modern dining room and can be placed beautifully in your lawn.

Similarly Avon 4181 has also been designed carefully to make it an all-purpose chair.


Outdoor furniture has to stand strong in all conditions. Hence, material choice is an important consideration when it comes to choosing the right furniture for your garden.

The traditional wooden furniture lacks considerably here, while plastic tends to be much sturdier. A properly crafted plastic can be just as chic as its natural counterparts.

It can be easily molded into many different shapes giving designers the ability to create attractive looks and designs.

Avon Platinum and Avon Oxford have been designed with precision and the right amount of durability, comfort and strength.


The outdoor furniture is your chance to go all vibrant and colorful.  Most of the Avon chairs and tables come with ample color choice to deck up your lawn.


Furniture can be a costly affair and it is always one of the reasons you end up delaying your plans to create that beautiful outdoor place. Avon Mold Plast furniture was designed to be elegant, stylish and pocket friendly.

Check out some of the latest designs and entire product suite here Avon Mold Plast furniture

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