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Planning the Picture Perfect Garden

A long Sunday brunch or just a lazy evening, a garden can be one of the most leisurely spots of your house. When you come to think of it, the right kind of furniture is one of the most important aspect of having that perfect garden you always dream about.

Avon’s user chic and classy furniture can be a real game changer. Here’s our 5 must have list for your garden



  1. Avon Jaguar

Avon’s Jaguar will lend that much needed style that your place deserves. This premium chair comes packed with solid legs built for that extra strength, a wide back to make it extremely comfortable, available in four colour variants and has a look which you will fall in love with.




  1. Avon Viva

This rattan and texture design table is an ideal fit to give your garden that royal look and feel. What better, you can keep all your stuff on this table without breaking a sweat as it is tested with 300 Kg of weight. The multi-use lower top provides that extra space you might need to keep that bunch of newspapers for tea time. Avon’s Viva comes in four color variants.



  1. Avon Baby Chair

Avon’s baby chair is a must have to give your toddler’s their own space. Its comfortable seating and mat texture will let your young one be at ease and do his/her thing. The same comes in six vibrant colours so you can spoil them with choice.




  1. Avon’s Baby Desk

That winter afternoon where your kid wants nothing more but to open that art book and make his/her creativity flow on the paper, this baby desk is just what your kid would need. You can make a separate play area for children by placing this desk along with the baby chair in your garden. Mix and match the same with five colour variants of the desk.



  1. Step Stool

 Remember the last time that plant which you placed just a bit too high and it’s always inconvenient to water it or smell the fresh flower which just bloomed. Avon’s step stool concludes our must have essentials with its slant design for better climb and textured top step for stability. Now you don’t need to jump or need a ladder to get just that extra height. It comes in four colour variants for you to choose from.





Make this a part of your garden and have that perfect spot in your home to relax and chill!


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